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Manufactured in the USA

Customer handles shipping


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Cinderella Coaches For Sale

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We are the largest exporter in the US of Cinderella Carriages. We have exported carriages to France, England, Hawaii, Bahamas and Canada

These coaches will fit in most Vis a Vis trailers

They are built one at a time with superior workmanship and attention to detail.




DVD Available by request



Coach Dimensions:

Length  12' 3"

Width    68"

Height   78" w/easily removable crown

Weight  1100#

All Cinderella carriages have: 

2" square axles 1/4" wall - 2000# GVW per axle with steel wheels

5/8" steel fabricated full circle fifth wheel

2" flat top rubber  tired wheels


By popular demand and safety reasons, we are now offering 1 door Cinderella Carriages!


With Shafts 

PRICE: $9,000.00

6 weeks Production time

Customer handles shipping


Hinged driver's seat with enclosed steel box under driver's seat

$ 150.00

Upgrade from wooden wheels to steel wheels

$ 736.00
Hearts in Steel Wheels $ 280.00
Side Lanterns

$ 95 - $ 395.00

LED Tail Lights $ 150.00
Drivers Seat Arm Rest $ 75.00 
Turn Signals $125.00
Horn $ 75.00 
Fenders $ 375.00 
Drum Brakes $ 175.00
Battery $ 150.00
75' 12V LED Rope Lights $ 600.00
150' 12V LED Rope Lights $ 1250.00
Slow Moving Sign $ 10.00
Powder Coating $ 600.00
Clear Plastic Cover   $ 900.00 
Console   $ 125.00
Driver's Awning Frame   $ 125.00
1- door Cinderella  Carriage $ 300.00

Footman's step

$ 150.00
Pole $ 440.00
carriagelamp1.jpg (28670 bytes) Lamp is 19" tall with LED bulb. 

White, Black or Gold - $395.00 pair prewired

carriagelamp2.jpg (14976 bytes)

17" Tall with LED bulbs. 

White, Black or Gold - $395.00 pair prewired.

carriagelamp4.jpg (20310 bytes)

14" Tall with standard bulb. 

White, Silver or Gold - $95.00 pair prewired

G & F Carriages would like to thank the following people for their recent purchases of a Cinderella Carriage:

Habid Medawar
Beirut, Lebanon

Mr. Cox
Nassau, Bahamas

Dawn & Doyle Howell
Buckeye, AZ

Global Mortorcars
St. Peterburg, Russia

Brandie Wilcox
Pegasus Carriage Co.
Pearl River, LA

Clint & Cindy Marzoff
CM Livestock
Manitoba, Canada

From: Tina & Mike
To: SALLY SHERMAN <gandfcompanies@sbcglobal.net>
Sent: Sunday, February 16, 2014
Subject: Carriage

Hi Sally and George,
The carriage sure has been a big success here in Australia, people are blown away when they see the carriage, lots of people have commented on the workman ship also .

Please see our new website http://www.princesscarriagehire.com.au/
Please feel free to use our photos and comments for a testimony.

Cheers Tina  & Mike Australia
xx Thanks once again

"We went to a bridal/Quinceanera show yesterday. Along with photos of our Victoria and Wagonette, we took an enlarged photo of your Cinderella carriage and I ran parts of your DVD all day long. WOW! Did it cause a stir! We have never had so much interest. The soon-to-be 15 year olds fell in LOVE with the carriage.

We are very excited about this addition to our business. I just wanted you to know." 2006

Linda Winder
The Shenandoah Carriage Company, LLC
540 635-7745

"Just wanted to let everyone at G&F Carriages know what a great job you all did on the Cinderella carriage. To anyone wanting to purchase a carriages from George, you will have no problems. All the transactions happened over the and phone and e-mail as I'm in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. This is the first Cinderella carriage in Canada and the transactions went smoothly, even with the paperwork, customs and duty, transportation and boarder challenges. It came carefully wrapped for shipping. Hauling it home it was a traffic stopper with people taking pictures, pointing, girls gasping and guys smiling. At a bridal show the carriages had a continual crowd around causing quite a stir. The carriages is making many a fantasy wedding come true.

I had looked carefully at a few different Cinderella carriage manufacturers and communicated with the owners to find out how well their carriages have stood up to usages. G&F is the original Cinderella maker and those that owned them were the most pleased.

Thanks again, and it was a pleasure doing business with G&F." 2007

Sonya Steiner LeRoy
Horse Sence Training and Petting Zoo

Congratulations to Ron & Lori Wilson of Alhambra, IL on their purchase of one of our beautiful Cinderella Carriages. 2007  If you want to know how they like it, feel free to give them a call at 1-800-334-3324

Hi Sally,
Yes, we have the carriage. Thank you, it's lovely. We already have 3 bookings for it for next year. We are having our photos done on Sunday up at a castle near us. When I have some pictures I will email them to you. 2007

Thanks again, it was a pleasure doing business with you."  Kind regards, Elaine 

purchased by Mark Donovan of Omaha, NE 2007

purchased by Mark Donovan of Omaha, NE. 2007

Hi Sally,
Just had to tell you THANK YOU THANK YOU ! The Coach [we call her ''The Empress''] far exceeded our expectations! We hope to get photos with 2 White Percherons and Trumpeters, I will send you some photos and please feel to use us as a reference anytime. 2009

Sincerely, Anita, Chateau Stables NYC 


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